A World So Broken

I have no idea what I'm doing as a mom, and unfortunately, those who have raised children before me cannot help because the world is changing so incredibly quickly. My generation cannot rely on moms who have done this before because they don't exist.


Known by Tauren Wells

This song stopped me in my tracks today when I heard it. The lyrics shouted TRUTH in a way that is so blatantly opposite of the messages drowning our world every day. Thank God for artists who speak life.

On Becoming a Mom Who Plays

My husband still knows how to have fun. He's a grown man who knows how to let go of the uptightness that adulthood brings and tap into the childlike freedom of silliness. Eight years into this marriage, I am learning to love this.

I Choose New

Change is a series of hundreds of small daily choices. Success or failure does not rest on one or some but on the collective whole. I choose new.

Just Let Go

I couldn't let go. I was 20 feet up on a climbing wall - the first one I've ever tried - and I was completely frozen. Fear screamed at me not to let go. The longer I stayed there, trying to let go, the more my fear grew.

This is Us

We are in the midst of a relational Harvey-sized disaster, devastating our fragile construction of a marriage. We’re both being broken apart. Stripped down and laid bare. And it is terribly painful. But there is hope.

On Longfoot Sandwiches and Love

They weren't panhandling. They weren't holding signs or looking for handouts. They were just there, standing in the middle of an abandoned lot near a Subway. And as Cara put voice to my thoughts, I suspected that God was speaking to my daughter in that moment.

Valentine’s Day

Facebook has officially made Valentines Day my least favorite day of the year. Before I was married, I always assumed I disliked the day because I was single. I assumed when I was no longer single, I'd like it. I was so, so wrong.

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