It’s Monday

Oh my goodness.

It’s only 11:01 and I’ve already had one of those mornings. I know you know what I’m talking about.

Every time there’s new information on a crisis, I send email updates to a distribution list of 199 people. These people are all over the world. So I always pay very careful attention to my emails to make sure they are error free.

Well, always except today, apparently.

This morning I sent out an update to 199 people. After a minute I saw that I had forgotten to attach the report. So I quickly sent a correction (to 199 people) with the subject “REPORT ATTATCHED” and the following message: “Oops. Please find the final report attached. Sorry for the mistake!”

And then a few minutes later I noticed that I hadn’t attached the report to the correction. So I RE-forwarded it (to 199 people) with the subject line “REPORT REALLY ATTATCHED” and this message: “Wow. Last one. I promise. I’m so sorry.”

30 minutes later I realized that I had only sent the message to myself, not the list. So I sent it again. To 199 people.

Then my boss Chuck pointed out to me that I had spelled “attached” wrong.

Chuck, please fire me now.


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