My Marriage. My Idol.

My entire life, God has been there, in the background - in the shadow of the monument I've built to my marriage, patiently and politely waiting for me to acknowledge Him.


On Longfoot Sandwiches and Love

They weren't panhandling. They weren't holding signs or looking for handouts. They were just there, standing in the middle of an abandoned lot near a Subway. And as Cara put voice to my thoughts, I suspected that God was speaking to my daughter in that moment.

Valentine’s Day

Facebook has officially made Valentines Day my least favorite day of the year. Before I was married, I always assumed I disliked the day because I was single. I assumed when I was no longer single, I'd like it. I was so, so wrong.

Glennon Doyle Melton, I Forgive You

She talked about the messiness of marriage in a way that I deeply connected with. She never shied away from the hard stuff. But she always did that in the context of why her marriage - and marriage in general - is worth the fight. Or maybe that's just what I took away from it. Anyway, always until now.

The Anniversary Gift

Today I'm celebrating my seventh anniversary instead of planning a funeral. Chris survived an accident four days ago that should've killed him. I can still barely wrap my mind around it.

I first saw him at the library…

The first place I remember randomly running into him outside of our workplace was at the library. He was walking out with a stack of books and I recognized him as the new guy I'd met at work a few days prior. He was brand new to town and I was impressed that he was already at the public library.

America … You’re Fired

I keep posting things about Trump on my Facebook account. And then two minutes later I delete them because I don't want to be "that person" who posts political things, devoid of any context. I wish I could just not care and go on with my life without having to feel like I have to speak my mind.

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