The Beauty In the Deep

A few weeks ago our pastor was talking about people of grace and he said "the calm waters are the deep waters." There is a calmness in the depths that not many get to see. But is it deep and peaceful and beautiful. And that is the gift God gave me in my marriage.



It sounds silly to admit, but for my whole life, I’ve been afraid of being alone. I’ve spent my entire adult life filling it up. But as my fortieth birthday is behind me and I’m looking at the second half of life, I’m just now beginning to understand that I need solitude.


I knew going into it that marriage would be hard. You can't get married at 31 and not have a little bit of an idea of how messy it can be. But I think I may have underestimated it.

I’m Calling It A Miracle

I've known since the moment I had kids that I had to hold them loosely. That tomorrow is not guaranteed. But knowing that and actually doing that are two very different things.

Freedom from Fear

I have been afraid of skiing for 25 years. Then we had kids and for the first time in my life, I had something bigger than my fear. I had the desire to save my kids from my fear.

Hi, me. Nice to meet you.

I have spent 39 years at the mercy of my ever-changing emotions. It is an unending roller-coaster. But this year – 2017 – I began to understand a truth that has changed the trajectory of my entire life and worldview.

A World So Broken

I have no idea what I'm doing as a mom, and unfortunately, those who have raised children before me cannot help because the world is changing so incredibly quickly. My generation cannot rely on moms who have done this before because they don't exist.

Known by Tauren Wells

This song stopped me in my tracks today when I heard it. The lyrics shouted TRUTH in a way that is so blatantly opposite of the messages drowning our world every day. Thank God for artists who speak life.

On Becoming a Mom Who Plays

My husband still knows how to have fun. He's a grown man who knows how to let go of the uptightness that adulthood brings and tap into the childlike freedom of silliness. Eight years into this marriage, I am learning to love this.

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